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Relationships and Dating in the Modern Age Essay

Relationships and Dating in the Modern Age - Essay ExampleThe second key benefit is that social sites facilitate networking as individuals can conduct both formal and informal interactions via online. The author observes that casual conversations have become easy and fun through the use of features such as digital doodle or virtual kisses (Wortham 394). Technology has a negative impact on relationships. In spite of the author’s positive attitude towards the use of technology to foster relationships, Wortham does not fail to point out its disadvantages. First, with the vast array of applications to use, consumers face the challenge of choosing the ideal form to communicate (Wortham 394). The second challenge is that the use of technology as a mediator affects how people prioritize offline communication and our ability to interact (Wortham 395). Some researchers argue that people have become dependent on applications instead of the real-world face to face communications.

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