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Evaluations of Interactive Internet Technologies Essay

Evaluations of Interactive Internet Technologies - Essay ExampleIn addition, when we wish to make a real API call, we will need to use the method name, the session key, a number of other additional parametric values in accordance with what presented in the Web-API Reference like the query parametric values of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Moreover, the Web-API is capable of informing and collecting a lot of EditGrid data, comprising workspaces, users, permissions, workbooks and share relations, as well as data inside a spreadsheet comprising sheet items (diagrams, remarks, etc.), and worksheet cells (Sung, 2008). One most popular example of Web API application is Google Maps framework. In this scenario whether we are looking for high quality hotels, best restaurant or discovering the nearby bank, millions of individuals all through the world get Google Maps to perform this difficult task for them. In this scenario the Google Maps API is one of those elegant bits of Google based complicated technology that facilitates us to get the influence of Google Maps and place it openly on our own website. In addition, it allows us to introduce allied data and information content that are quite supportive to our clients and visitors to view and search for map, with an ideal fit through their website. Furthermore, more than 150,000 websites are already making use of this technology (The Google Maps Team, 2011). Google initiated an assignment which engages incorporating all the accessible satellite images of our earth into one large map, and allowing the facility of access to the common people all through the world. Additionally, the Google Maps were released in the February of 2005 and from that time the initiative has evolved into a huge unit. After that Google management recognized that it would be an enormous plan to truly produce it into an Application-Programming-Interface (API). In addition, the management of Google uses the idea of making Google Maps into a more pliable daily usage service that could be utilized using websites by all people all through the world according to their requirements. Furthermore, this thought comprehended effectively and nowadays there exist thousands of websites which are extensively utilizing the application of the Google-Maps-API (Khan, 2011). In the same way Nestoria Real Estate business has identified and implemented the modified adaptation of Google Maps and made use of it for supporting its clients, who are now able to make use and know correct position of the business rental as well as for sale land. In this scenario, it has become very simple for the clients to select home or office places as they are able to perceive the environment while using their personal computer from anywhere. In addition, there is another example of Nike Run London that has an online website which is developed and designed to facilitate city resident’s map operating directions. In this scenario an internet user is able to see paths prepared by other people. Moreover, within the initial ten months there were more than 40,000 dissimilar kinds of paths designed by inhabitants (Khan, 2011). Another example is of Chemical Brothers that has made use of Google Maps API for their online business website to inform supporters where they would hold their imminent performances. In this scenario, this web based system facilitates the users to post snapshots and clips of their performances and

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